codingkid.ninja v2.1

Just a day after v2.0, I have another update! Here's what changed:

 + Responsive design

 + Mobile device friendly

 + Updates page now uses shared CSS file

 + Fixed a typo in previous update

The new mobile view uses tutorial code from sitepoint.com. They are awesome!

If you didn't get a chance to read the v2.0 update log, click "View past updates", also at the bottom of the updates sidebar. 


codingkid.ninja v2.0

I have been trying to make the codingkid.ninja website look better. After lots of work, I have come up with what you see here. Here is what changed:

 + Changed "Stuff" to "Projects"

 + Created logo

 + Added new menu bar

 + WIP: theme changer

 + "Updates" and "Portal" are no longer iframes, and are now in columns.

 + Revised description of site

 + Added carousel

 + Created a shared CSS file

 + Added a "View past updates" button in the "Updates" column.

 + Created "About website" page

 - Less mobile friendly, solution (hopefully) coming soon.

Internal changes:

 + Created new local folder for the website with no unneeded files

 + I got much better at CSS


Updated the home page to add Updates and Portal.


Finally added code boxes to the "USBChuck" page using iframes.