Logical Increments* for GBZ

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This is a "Logical Increments" style chart for the Game Boy Zero project.

Category Level 1 (very bad) Level 2 (good) Level 3 (Awesome) Level 4 (BEST!)

Button board
Solder to original PCB
Helder's $7 Button Board (http://sudomod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=28)

Microcontroller for buttons
Solder wires directly to Pi Zero
Pro Micro ($4.69) http://tinyurl.com/hlrmrps

Raspberry Pi Zero ($5)
Raspberry Pi Zero ($5) Raspberry Pi Zero ($5) Raspberry Pi Zero ($5)
MicroSD Card
Kingston 8gb class 4 card ($5) http://tinyurl.com/microsd-gbz1
SanDisk 16gb Class 10 card ($6) http://tinyurl.com/microsd-gbz2
Samsung 32gb Class 10 card ($12) http://tinyurl.com/microsd-gbz3


Battery charger
Just take battery out of GBZ and plug into external charger.


USB hub
None needed

WiFi dongle
None needed

Just use headphones.