iSec Capture is a Raspberry Pi security camera connected to the internet. It is housed in a dummy security camera.

iSec Logo

Here is a materials list:
Here are the skills you need to build it:

I won't be going into detail on how to construct this because I didn't take pictures when I made it and because the construction varies depending on what fake camera you use, but it is fairly simple. Here's a diagram for Pi Zero 1.3:

iSec Diagram.
Here's one for the Pi Zero W:
The iSec Diagram for the Raspberry Pi Zero W.
Here's the finished product:
iSec Capture - side view
iSec Capture - rear view
iSec Capture - front view

After this, I installed the software. I chose to use RPi Cam Web Interface. It allows for software motion detection, which makes it great for a security camera! Follow the instructions in the link to install it. Once you get it set up, go to hostname.local/html in your browser to see a live feed of the footage! If your motion detection is not working, change the setting "Motion detect mode" to "internal".

However, we still need to set up the flash drive. I haven't gotten around to doing that yet, but Raspberry Pi forum member btidey contributed this excellent advice:

" gives a good general introduction to mounting external usb drives and you should be using the fstab method so it gets mounted on every boot.

If you have just the one USB flash then you can use the simpler method else you will need to use the UUID method as described.

The mount point directory needs to be the media folder for the camera e.g. /var/www/html/media

sudo chown www-data:www-data folder is the command used to change ownership of a folder."