You might want to know a bit about this website and why it was created. Here's the info you are looking for:

The start of originally started out as a blog-format website at (It still exists, under "old site" in menu bar) I found it time-consuming to write posts for it, so it was not updated much. I decided to move away from using Weebly because I would have to pay to hook up my domain name, and because of the lack of customization (compared to just writing HTML). Back when I used the Weebly site, redirected to I eventually realized that I could use Github Pages with my domain name, so I started on my new website. The first prototype was bad; just a plain white page with the "Purisa" font. No pictures. Eventually, I got to this.

How I built it

I use Github Pages to host this site, which is licensed under MIT license. I was able to hook up my domain name to the site, allowing the page to seem like any other (but hosted by Github). I build the site with BlueGriffon, but code most of it manually. I use Inkscape for the images. I have used several online tutorials and StackExchange questions to help me with the perplexing world of website building.

Look Ma, no ads!

You may have noticed that this site has no ads. I don't like ads, and always use an adblocker (and Privacy Badger, Noscript). I think that it is pointless to add ads if no one will ever click on them. I also find them intrusive and annoying.

But what about the ad for

That is just me recommending them. I choose to put it on my site. Full disclosure: I do get $15 off an order when you use my link to buy things. The recommendation is not intrusive, so I believe that it is OK to have on my site.

Privacy Policy (in plain English)

In short, I will never track you. I believe that tracking is bad. The only cookies that this site will leave are from the theme changer, so it can remember what theme you used previously. This feature hasn't been implemented yet, so for now, this website is cookie-free! I may someday add a system that logs how many visitors I get. This would not collect any information identifying you, it would only add one to a counter, and maybe leave a cookie so you are not counted twice.

Who am I?

I go by Merlin04 on some sites, and on others. I prefer to remain anonymous. I can tell you that I am a kid who likes coding and making things. My favorite language is Python, as you could probably tell from the background. I am not a big fan of JavaScript, although I admit that I haven't done much with it. I definitely don't like Java.

How do I make money from this site?

I don't. I pay ~$20 a year for the domain. Someday I will get a Patreon page, so you can give money to me. :-)